Overkill 2

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Introducing MULTIPLAYER with many sweet features:

* 4-DAY contests - each with different gun and gear
* Earn MP points for every multiplayer game to UNLOCK powerful gear and bonuses
* Get FREE MEDALS for your Multiplayer Points at the end of each contest!
* Enjoy BONUSES for the Survival and Headshot Modes: +1 multiplier & 13 headshot strike
* Dominate multiplayer HALL OF FAME

Play against random players in quick matches or challenge your FRIENDS!

You can now CHAT with other players!

Overkill 2 is now available in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese & Russian!
Choose your language by scrolling down to Overkill 2 app in your device settings.

The HUGEST content update for Overkill 2 yet!


Beat the new MAP called Drone Factory?
Face the new TactiBee drones?
Confront the new super-armored Armadillo?
Dominate 3 new LEADERBOARDS?
Get hold of 7 new WEAPONS including the M79 grenade launcher?

Are YOU?! And there's MORE!

* New Gunmaster for the Eastern Port Map – now in reverse!
* 10 new ranks with cool names - make a total of 50 OM!
* 6th Daily bonus - get a free Low Stakes spin
* Game Center challenges
* Medal rewarding from Tapjoy and Gunmaster fixed

Update Overkill 2 and have fun for hours to come!

The proud sequel to the hit shooter Overkill!

Overkill 2 is a gun centric shooter that follows in the success of the original Overkill.
We've taken the original gameplay and took it to a whole new level with 3D features, new game mechanics and 3D weapons. No more enemies sliding onto the screen. Overkill 2 features fully animated 3D enemies that will show no mercy.


This is hard to describe with words. Once you get the chance to tap on the amazing 3D weapon models and toy with them, you will know what we mean. There are already over 30 beautifully rendered weapons and there will be more!


Our fans and players of Overkill have always asked for health and armor upgrades. At Craneballs we listen and we deliver. Introducing combat equipment and armor and health boosting tactical items.


Of course all units in Overkill 2 are new. Strictly speaking though, we've introduced a completely new type of unit. Be ready to face the grenadiers! You are no longer the only one who can throw stun and flash grenades. Plus there are also the high explosive grenades falling on your head. Grenades can be shot midair, which adds yet another challenge to test how quick your reflexes truly are.


Gameplay is always the key component to any successful game. We know that very well. But we also know that when you add graphics that are pleasure to look at, you improve the gameplay experience by thousands. Which is exactly what we did. Attention to the very last detail is what makes our games different. Check the screens for yourselves!



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