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Craneballs wallpaper

Newest take
on our logo!

The iconic Craneballs bird
goes militant.

Fan video

The Voice behind Overkill 2 multiplayer

Meet POONMEISTER who has been in the top leaderboard since the beginning.
We had no idea who he was.
Until one day he got in touch.
So we made him part of the game forever.

Fan message

Chris B.: You rock!

Overkill is the best game I have ever played on a mobile phone since 2007 :) I hope to see many more amazing releases by Craneballs!

gilberto: It all came in

so I tried it at work with 4g and wifi I switched.. to both and Idk what did it.. but it all came in. :) yay thank u very much for ur support... ill be making 5star rating and letting everyone know on my review that u were helpful... again thank you


Andrés G.: Keep up the good work!

Hi there! I've written you before and now I do it again in an attempt to help getting overkill better and better...