33rd Division

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The World War 2 is coming to your screens!

33rd Division has been redeployed on the Appstore with new HD graphics, iPad support, new gameplay mechanics and intriguing support items.

Get ready to strike back for the first time! You'll have grenades to throw at the Jerries and an unerring sniper buddy to quickly take care of the too curious or too annoying German patrols.

33rd Division is a stealth action line-drawer that tests your wits, reflexes and focus. This game requires nerves of steel. Are you the confident leader your men need?

What else is new?

* Gamecenter and Facebook integration to race against your friends
* Multiplier system to achieve even higher scores
* The craved x2 button to speed things up
* The game IS FREE to download and play!

Download from the Appstore now!




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