Overkill 2

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Introducing MULTIPLAYER with many sweet features:

* 4-DAY contests - each with different gun and gear
* Earn MP points for every multiplayer game to UNLOCK powerful gear and bonuses
* Get FREE MEDALS for your Multiplayer Points at the end of each contest!
* Enjoy BONUSES for the Survival and Headshot Modes: +1 multiplier & 13 headshot strike
* Dominate multiplayer HALL OF FAME

Play against random players in quick matches or challenge your FRIENDS!

The HUGEST content update for Overkill 2 yet!


Beat the new MAP called Drone Factory?
Face the new TactiBee drones?
Confront the new super-armored Armadillo?
Dominate 3 new LEADERBOARDS?
Get hold of 7 new WEAPONS including the M79 grenade launcher?

Are YOU?! And there's MORE!

* New Gunmaster for the Eastern Port Map – now in reverse!
* 10 new ranks with cool names - make a total of 50 OM!
* 6th Daily bonus - get a free Low Stakes spin
* Game Center challenges
* Medal rewarding from Tapjoy and Gunmaster fixed

Update Overkill 2 and have fun for hours to come!

Download for free to your Android or iOS device.


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