Nov. 14. 2016

Dive Into Room-Scale Virtual Reality with Overkill VR

VR devices have come a long way and playing the best VR games on HTC Vive is a treat. How does Overkill play in VR? It feels like the game was made for virtual reality.

If you are the lucky owner of a room-scale VR headset or there is a VR arcade near your town, it's definitely worth trying it out. We recommend games from Valve, Space Pirate Training, Brookhaven Experiment and thanks to our friend from Game Troopers Overkill VR.

A VR designed aim system, exclusively developed for this game, that tries to emulate real weapons in the game. Weapon physics, recoil, ballistics… Every detail made with precision, so you will feel like handling a real weapon with our 1 & 2 handed aiming system, and get comfortable with an easy look through the scope, focusing all your attention on shooting the enemies.


Overkill VR is coming this November to Steam. 16th November to be precise.

The great gun models from Overkill 3 will come to life in your hands, you will take cover with your own body and aim through scopes with deadly precision.

Feel the life of the Resistance champion John as if you were inside his skin.

Check Overkill VR on Steam.

Watch the VR trailer.