Jun. 10. 2014

Overkill 3 - the biggest, greatest and most ambitious of them all

Overkill 3 restarts the whole Overkill series. Here's why:

1) From FPS to TPS

The move to third person was made in order to showcase the main character model, which took a lot of work to design and polish. Not to mention the punk hairdo and his head-scars. (There is a deep back story to those scars, but only the designer knows it and he doesn't want to share.) We've also created futuristic armors, some of which use the all powerful nanotechnology and all of which look fabulous. With 3rd person you can enjoy them directly in the game and not only in the armory. The covers and cover based gameplay followed quite naturally.

2) Graphical Quality

While we've always been keen on graphics to the point of obsession, with Overkill 3 we are pushing our limits (and the limits of mobile gaming) further so. Enemy models have 6-10 times more polygons compared to Overkill 2. We've been utilizing all the dark wizardry - shaders, vertex painting, PhysX, rag-dolls, particle effects, lightmaps... The game environment is a full-fledged 3D world. Expect dynamic shadows, water reflections and beautiful work with light in night missions. With a bit of luck and dedication, you'll find a couple of destructible structures.

3) Varied Gameplay

We want to fight the mobile games repetitiveness as much as possible by having different levels, incorporating big game moments and unique encounters. Overkill 3 will have 10 environments, over 50 unique levels and more than a dozen boss fights. You'll be facing multiple enemy types. Humans with different arsenal and combat roles and tactics. Vehicles. Robots with two legs. Robots with several legs. Even robots with no legs at all. Flying machines of destruction. You name it. Day/night missions will add so much more flavor to the mix. Different game modes need not to be mentioned, but wait till you man the machine gun nest!

4) Combat & Interactive Cutscenes

Combat has moved to a whole new level. Enemies take cover, change positions and will advance to your position if you stay in cover for too long. You can flush them out with grenades and see them flying thanks to rag-doll physics. For the first time in Overkill you'll get moving. Expect interactive runs from cover to cover where you'll have to avoid enemy sniper fire, get out of an ambush, evade falling rocks and get out of other nasty situations. Be prepared to grab a bigazooka to take down different flying copters. To fight nerve-breaking boss battles.

5) The Sheer Proportion of It All

All of the above combined and hundreds of other things small and big we don't want to write about, but want you to experience when you get to play Overkill 3.

When we started out in 2008 we had no idea we'd be working on such a massive mobile game. Hell, there's 20 of us and here we are creating a game that we believe will easily compete with the biggest guns out there in the mobile gaming industry.


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You won't be disappointed.



UPDATE: Overkill 3 is coming February 2015. Will be available on iOS and Android.