Feb. 10. 2016

Support our upcoming space survival sandbox PC game on Kickstarter

Planet Nomads on Kickstarter. Our first campaign and a hub of all the information, gameplay footage and media on Planet Nomads. Go check it out. Play the game this summer as Alpha backer. Planet Nomads will be released in early access in Q1 2017.

What's to be happy about in Planet Nomads?

We were stoked by the idea of working on our first PC game, especially a survival sandbox of this scope, with procedurally generated planets that are 120 kms in diameter. These are huge alien worlds we're talking here. In Planet Nomads you take the role of a lone astronaut scientist stranded on an unknown planet and you need to build useful things to stay alive. Imagine armored vehicles, high-powered tanks, fenced outposts, agile quad-copters. You can build all these by yourself.

You'll feel like Alice in Wonderland while exploring the planets. But the wonder needs to turn into cautious curiosity quickly. By observing the behavior of alien animals and assessing environmental hazards, you learn what needs to be done (and built) to see the next sunrise.

Check the Kickstarter campaign and its updates and see for yourself. Grab the game if you can, the price will go up in retail.

Here's how the exploration, building and surviving looks like:

There's more where these come from.

You can follow the development and the future of Planet Nomads on its homepage.